Working With People

Customized Treatment PlansIn working with any individual, health and quality of life go hand in hand. I believe that having the physical freedom to move about with ease is vital to having a good quality of life. Even though my current focus is more on animals, I love working with people using a holistic and integrative approach to wellness.

How I work with people
A treatment plan and goals are made after a full history is taken and an assessment of posture, alignment, movement patterns, range of motion and functional mobility as well as a discussion of client goals.  I enjoy working in partnership with people as they move toward their goals for optimal health.

When physical pain and limitation are present, it affects the whole individual at every level – body, mind and spirit. The body has an innate wisdom to heal and restore balance.  For example, your body knows how to heal a cut – you do not need to consciously tell it how to do that.  Through experience, I have learned the effectiveness of working with that innate wisdom to facilitate the process that the body is already trying to do to move into health.  I love this quote from one of my teachers, Dr. Ed Stiles, DO, “if you give the body an inch it will take a mile.”