How I work
Path to the officeOne of the things I love about working with people and animals is that each client is unique and my experience with each client has been unique to that individual.  Partnering with each client as they move toward their goals, is like an individual journey with the wisdom of that client’s body leading the way.  I love working with animals and people in this way.  All the methods I use are gentle and support what the body is already trying to do to move into health.


What I do
I find it most effective to combine working with the physical systems and the energy systems in the body.  Gentle methods that work with the wisdom of the body are much more effective than using force.

“Energy is the currency of all interactions in nature.  To leave energetic considerations out of the equation of life and medicine is to ignore some 99% of what is happening.  Energetic approaches work quickly and with few side-effects”.   –  Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D., Biophysicist

Osteopathic manual therapies come from an established system of assessment and treatment with the main emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the body.  If one part is injured or not functioning well, it will affect the whole individual.  There are  techniques for the musculoskeletal system as well as cranial-sacral and visceral.

Dynamic Manual Interface (DMI) developed by Frank Lowen is a gentle form of therapy that assists the natural corrective processes that the body is trying to do to restore health.  It is an advanced form of therapy that embodies some of the most current research on the dynamics of the body.

The BodyTalk System was developed by Dr. John Veltheim and is a system that works with the body’s energy systems to restore synchronization.  It stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal by using a biofeedback system, a specific protocol and procedure as well as specific tapping.

“The principles of BodyTalk are based on proven scientific facts and leading edge discoveries.  It is a new way of addressing our well-being in the future.  Bodytalk opens an unlimited collection of energetic possibilities for us to heal on many levels”.  – Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., Quantum Physicist, Professor Emeritus, University of Oregon