Kyah – 16 year old Aussie with Arthritis and Chronic Kidney Disease
Kyah, 16 year old AussieI started taking my Australian Shepherd Kyah to Jean Pierson when Kyah was 13.5 years old.  At that time Kyah had chronic kidney disease and was really slowed down by arthritis and the aftermath of old injuries.

Jean’s work with Kyah helped Kyah regain and retain urinary continence. Kyah moved more easily after working with Jean and had more energy and joy in life as shown by her increased desire to play with me and her younger “sister” (another Aussie).  Jean was quick to suggest a vet visit when she felt it was appropriate.  Kyah had a stroke when she was 14, and Jean’s work with Kyah in the first weeks after Kyah came home from the vet hospital helped her return to the same level of functionality she had before the stroke.  Kyah truly enjoyed Jean’s gentle manner and always headed to the door to go in when we arrived. Kyah lived to be 16 years old.

I am grateful for Jean’s work with Kyah – I believe Jean helped me keep my old girl with me and happy for far more time than I expected when we started working together.

Judi Truskey
Certified TTouch Practitioner
Vancouver, WA USA

Dog Trainer with Performance Dogs
Photo Credit: John PochmaraI have done agility, competition obedience, tracking, and herding with my dogs over the years, all sports which require dogs to be fit and athletic. Jean has been instrumental in helping my older dogs stay comfortable as they age, as well as preventing injuries in my younger dogs. When one of the dogs did injure herself, Jean went out of her way to be able to treat the injury immediately, which was healed quickly and completely. Many of my friends and students have seen Jean for their dogs (and themselves) and I have heard nothing but raves and wonderful results. Thank you, Jean.
Joan Armstrong
Dog Days Dog Training

I have been working with Jean for many years now.  We have many patients in common and I have consistently seen those patients improve more quickly and gain more stability in their healing process with Jean’s treatments.  She is experienced in many different styles of manual therapy and is able to decipher during a treatment which modality may work better for each animal or person.  Jean is able to work with internal medical issues as well as any musculoskeletal problem; I even will have her do a primary assessment and treatment as it can make my acupuncture treatments even more effective.  I have also seen Jean’s work using BodyTalk be highly effective with many patients.  Jean has treated all of the members of my family, two- and four-legged.

Natural Pet Medicine
Marnee L. Madsen, DVM, CVA, CVCH
541.343.5488 phone and fax

Jean’s skills in providing physical therapy allow me to offer an additional level of care to my cat and dog patients. I have seen pets with a variety of illnesses benefit from Jean’s approach, and my clients are grateful for a non-invasive technique delivered in such a gentle manner.
Dr Paige Pierce, DVM
Pacific Veterinary Hospital

Portland, OR


Service Dog with Stiffness
Manual therapy and BodyTalk are key reasons my older service dog is still able to be my partner.  Improvements I’ve noted include more comfort, a freer gait, and improved digestion.  My dog sighs in relief and relaxes and lengthens his body during treatment.

When we began my dog was stiff from old injuries.  His front and hind ends acted independently.  Now he has a nearly normal gait, can lie down in relaxation, and can bend in either direction.  He has more freedom of movement and shows more joy.  The distance he can walk has more than quadrupled.  My dog’s mouth is now open in a grin and he looks for interesting things to do.  Manual therapy gave comfort and improved movement when traditional veterinarians could find nothing wrong.   I highly recommend this technique.

National Level Performance Dog
My Sheltie Bounce is crazy about agility.   Seeing Jean on a regular basis helps put my mind at ease.   Jean is able to keep Bounce in alignment and work with the musculoskeletal system to help prevent injuries.
Jessica Fanslau


Peggy Sue – Senior Cat with Arthritis and Mobility Issues
Peggy SueJean Pierson is an incredibly talented physical therapist who was highly recommended to us by our vet Marnee Madsen, DVM.  Peggy Sue had moderate to severe arthritis in her hips which affected her gait and ability to jump up on things.  Jean has such a gentle touch and manner that Peggy Sue welcomed her treatments, and cooperated with various techniques very well.  Following these sessions, her gait was much improved as was her quality of life. Jean treated her regularly for almost 3 years.  We are so grateful for her talent and expertise.  Our beloved Peggy Sue was in her 21st year when we had to say good-bye in January 2011 for an unrelated problem.
Vicki Sortino

Pearl who Suffered Trauma and Dodger with Walking Difficulties
Pearl, Sherold, and Dodger Jean was so helpful in working with Pearl, our Bichon Frise, that was mauled by three Bull Mastiff’s. She has worked with Pearl numerous times to help her gain mobility and release restrictions from the scar tissue not to mention helping her release the trauma from her body. She also worked with our beloved yellow lab, Dodger, when he was having trouble walking. We know for a fact that having Jean work on Dodger in addition to acupuncture helped him live two additional years. He was almost 14 years old when we had to put him to sleep. Jean is amazing, and I can’t say enough about her. I promise you will thank me for referring her to you.
Sherold Barr
Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Bella – An Injured Cat
Bella definitely has the moody gene of the tortoise shell cat, and is not usually very friendly or tolerant of being touched by non-family members.  You would never have known that when Jean arrived.  Bella had somehow fallen and hurt her lower back when she was outside.  She was pretty uncomfortable, and had taken to hiding in the back of my closet. Jean got on the floor, and Bella came out to her – laid on her side and allowed Jean to treat her.  It was pretty amazing given her temperament.  After Jean left, Bella was jumping up on the furniture and her cat tree again, which she had not been able to do since her injury.   My highest recommendation to anybody considering Jean Pierson to treat your pet.
Deborah Nelson

Katie Lou – 14 Year Old Cattle Dog Slowing Down and Limping
Thank you, Jean, for your work with Katie Lou.  On the drive home, I have never seen her face as peaceful as it was while she was sleeping.  When we began our work with you Katie was sluggish, not very interested in going for walks, her stomach was bloated (for lack of better description) and she was often lame in her front end.  Now the lameness is gone, she is re-engaged in life, enjoying walking, is perkier, happy, and she has a waist line!
Patricia Bolding, Professional Organizer, Olympia, WA

Hank – Cat who Suffered Trauma and Surgery
HankMy cat “Hank” would most certainly not have survived his traumatic injuries if it were not for the caring, compassionate, effective body talk work and physical therapy and rehab that Jean performed on him prior to and after surgery. His full recovery is a testament to the wonderful work of Ms. Pierson.
Andi McArthur

Bing – Painfully Shy Cat
My cat Bing used to be so shy that when people came to the house he would hide upstairs under the bed, only coming out long after they left.  He also kept to himself a lot.  After only one BodyTalk session with Jean, he has become a friendly and more confident cat!!  Now he stays in the room when visitors come.

Harvey – Difficulty Walking and Standing
HarveyMy family and I have been seeing Jean since 2007.  The vet who had been treating our wonderful Labrador Harvey referred her to us, at such a difficult time in his life.  He had trouble walking and sometimes standing.  With her care he was able to continue walking and loving his life for his last year.
Linda Lane

Great Recovery from Mobility Issues
I really cannot say enough good things about Jean.    My first experience with Jean was to see my then, 8 year old mix, Darby.  Darby was having a hard time getting up and could not sit.  Jean was very honest and thought Darby needed additional help and recommended Marnee Madsen, DVM.   Jean and Marnee worked together to get Darby back to her old self.   At 10 ½ Darby is sitting without any pain, does agility and can get up quickly to chase squirrels.  Thank you Jean for keeping my old girl young at heart.
Jessica Fanslau

Rocky – Cranky Cat
RockyOur cat Rocky had been cranky for years and we didn’t know what the problem was, although clearly something was up.  Jean made a house call to treat him and found that a neck injury was causing his trouble.  She lovingly treated him while my elderly mother and I watched.  My usually-stoic mother announced that she wanted her neck cared for that way.
Linda Lane


People: Physical Therapy
Jean has special hands! She has an incredible sensitivity to both the structure and function of the human body, the patience to listen carefully to what your body really needs, and the skill to respond accordingly. Sessions with Jean are relaxing and healing. I recommend her services to anyone needing expert physical therapy.
Jane Peterson, PhD
The Human Systems Institute, Inc.

People: Severe Knee Injury, Neck and Shoulder Trauma
Having sustained a severe knee injury, trauma to my neck and shoulders and a concussion following a motorcycle crash I sought traditional physical therapy. Not only did this not improve my situation but actually made recovery more painful and lengthy. Jeans wonderful body talk, physical and osteotherapy and adrenal reset was absolutely crucial in the full recovery from my injuries. If your goal is a pain free and healthy life I urge any and all to employ the fabulous healing touch of Jean Pierson.
Andi McArthur

People: Car Accident
Jean saw my 93 year old Mother for the last 10 months of her life and improved the quality of her life enormously.  Mother had been in a car accident that left her with severe neck issues and a lot of emotional trauma.  After Jean’s treatment she was much more comfortable.  When she saw Jean she didn’t need her pain medication.
Mabel’s Daughter

People: Torn Meniscus and Shoulder Injury
I had a torn meniscus which caused my knee to swell and be painful.  I had a shoulder injury from falling down the stairs.  My elbow was painful for a while.  All those problems are history for me now, but I treasure Jean’s treatments the most because of all the emotional healing she has helped guide me through.  I feel as though I’m on a small vacation when I have an appointment with her.  Her calm, gentle and loving manner in itself is healing.

People: Low Back Pain
A few years ago I was suffering from lower back pain, especially driving on long trips, that slowly progressed into major sciatic pain that started to really affect my lifestyle.  At my problems worst point, I was walking with a bad limp and couldn’t sit for more than just a few minutes without considerable pain and I travel for a living!  At this point none of the over the counter pain meds had any affect so I had to do something.  I got a referral to Jean and went to see her.  She gave me a thorough evaluation and all the information I needed to feel that there was some light at the end of the tunnel and we got to work right away on my problem.   Through Jean’s great intuition and skill with body work we discovered and addressed things from body, mind and energy that had been building for years, that were preventing healing and causing not only my current problem, but others as well.   When I met Jean I was close to going the route of surgery, but thank goodness I didn’t because I live virtually pain free for almost 3 years now and have never had a re-occurrence of sciatic pain at all!   Since then I see Jean from time to time when something pops up I need help with and I always leave each appointment with the info I need to work self care and prevention into my life style.  It’s really nice to know such a great person and care giver.
David Cantey, Hillsboro OR